Fairy Wings!!

Posted by In Harmony Goddess Traditions at 1:04 PM

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

You have all met my beautiful daughter, Cleo the Fairy. She loves to wear fairy wings and has a couple beautiful pairs. However, we have found that most wire edged, or wire veined wings can be cumbersome or downright overpowering when you are just a wee sprite. 
In the process of creating my large winged Goddess Dolls, I discovered the wings I created for them, are also a perfect size for small children (they may even fit some teens or small adults, I haven't had a chance to try them on any yet.) 

Cleo loves the wings I made her. They are comfortable and easy to wear. I have seen her put a jacket on over them and curl up on a the couch with a book while wearing these wings.

My goal was to make easy to care for wings that children could wear and play in every day. They turned out better than I could even hope for!

They are made from cotton fabric, with polyester batting and can be machine washed  and dried (though I recommend line drying to ensure they last a long time.)

I will be debuting these Fairy Wings at the 
Spring Fairy Festival on May 30th. 2503 6th Ave. Tacoma, Wa. 98406. Admission is free!!

Hope to see you there! 

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