Introducing MINI Goddess Dolls!

Posted by In Harmony Goddess Traditions at 7:12 AM

Monday, December 2, 2013

The first round of Mini Goddess Dolls are done and are listed in my etsy shop, In Harmony Goddess Trad

These little ladies turned out sweeter than I imagined! They fit perfectly in the palm of your hand making them a little hard to put down! 

Just like my larger dolls, they are made with upcycled wool sweaters and filled with wool and scrumptious lavender. (These two look like Mother and Daughter to me.)
My kids are in love and want one of their very own. Getting them to put the Mini Goddess Dolls down was quite the challenge. Well, the holidays are upon us and who knows what will end up under the tree.  

A few more little ladies here waiting for the sun to come out so I can get them photographed and up on etsy as well.  

May your Holidays be blessed! 

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