Just in Time for the Holidays!

Posted by In Harmony Goddess Traditions at 7:22 AM

Friday, November 8, 2013

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? 
My family and I are. At the end of the summer we packed up our entire house, including the dog, cat and trampoline and headed 800 miles north to a sweet little town south of Seattle, Wa. 

Graham, Wa. is now our new hometown. 

Here we are surrounded by the 
most amazing trees and farm animals..... 

all under the watchful eye of 
Mt. Rainer.

 Being California born, my kids and I can hardly wait for it to snow!

One of the many wonderful things about our new house is my own office! It has been amazing to organize my supplies and be able to have private work space, instead of the living room in our old house.
Utilizing my new space I have revamped my etsy site 
and listed a bunch of new Goddess Dolls with more to come in a smaller size! I have also listed some older items at a discounted price to clear out my inventory and make room for all my new creations. 

Bumble Bee Wool Goddess Doll with WINGSSome of my new featured creations include this lovely Bumble Bee Goddess

And this Purple Swirl Goddess.

Purple Swirl Wool Goddess Doll

Coming soon will be these lovely LITTLE Goddess Dolls! 

Book your party today, and "come together, connect, and celebrate" with those you love!