There is always time for a celebration

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We, as women and/or mothers are often so busy with the day to day tasks we often forget to take a moment to celebrate and preserve the important times of our lives. Too often there is work, laundry, the kids need us, our partner needs us and carving a little space for ourselves to celebrate a moment can be difficult or deemed extravagant.

But it is important. Studies for years have shown that like attracts like and positive emotions and thoughts lead to positive experiences. So in our crazy rush-around world taking the time to do something positive and uplifting can have quite an impact on our sense of wellbeing and even our experiences.

Amanda, busy mom on her fourth pregnancy says, "I don't think I have even one picture of me pregnant!" Hearing that, as I prepared to head over to her house to do her belly henna, I grabbed my camera and added a few props to my basket as well. The warm December day was perfect for an outdoor photo shoot after her belly henna!

While I worked on her henna, Amanda had a rare chance to put her feet up and relax in a cozy plush chair as our children played sweetly in the warm yard. We chatted about how the application of henna on the pregnant belly is so relaxing and how it is believed to offer protection and luck to the unborn baby and mother.

I personally love adding a bee somewhere in the henna design. Bees are sacred to Artemis, who is the patron Goddess of midwives and watches over women in childbirth.

And now Amanda has her pregnancy photos, as she puts it, "After four pregnancies, I've earned this body!" And she will be able to share her photos of her beautiful belly as she shares her stories with her children.

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Join us Oct 27th at another Soiree!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011 & Sharon Eisley Fine Artist

invite you to a free, inspiring evening soiree.

October 27, 2011 6:30 - 8:30

Share Exchange Gallery

531 5th Street,

Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Enjoy exclusive access to Sharon's recent works, while we treat you to handmade chocolates, Italian sodas, raffle prizes and more. Don a costume for this hallowed-themed event and prepare for added dress-up fun with temporary body art, henna tattoos, and organic cosmetics sampling. Savor conversations and share ideas while Stuart Mitchell photography captures our special evening on film.

Preview your evening here:

Be sure to RSVP as our exclusive guest list is open to just fifty people who respond.

Register for Sono-Ma's Soiree Featuring Sharon Eisley Fine Artist in Santa Rosa, CA  on Eventbrite

Or email us directly to RSVP. Then hang this flyer on your fridge and tell yourself your blissful moment is coming soon!


March 24th Sono-Ma Studio Soire Features Whimsical Work of Woodland Artists Marc Feyh and Paul Kaiser (Reposted from

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

In Harmony will be at the next Sono-ma Studio Soiree March 24th providing guests with luxurious hand massages as well as some lovely gift items for purchase. Stop by and say "hi" and get a free affirmation. invites local parents, artisans, and art purveyors to a free, inspiring evening. Our latest studio soiree - slated for March 24, 2011 - features Paul Kaiser of Night Heron Woodworks and Marc Feyh of The Fairy Museum.

Paul's unique furniture and home accessories take stunning form in their second life - each piece is crafted from salvaged heritage or exotic woods. Apartment Therapy San Francisco immediately picked up on our local boy's talent, featuring Paul's custom furniture in 2008. Today Paul wields his sander alongside his young son (who works at the workbench his daddy built for him) when time allows him to break away from managing Singing Frogs Farm. Baby girl Anna blows her dad one hundred kisses a day, affirming Paul's rich life as father, farmer, and master craftsman.

Marc draws his artistic inspiration from fallen forest bits and the sculpture driftwood he finds on our coast's sandy shores. With an eye for the inner magic the natural world radiates, this former engineer and current festival jester is building a fairy world that exceeds the bounds of most imaginations. Son Baylen points a stick-turned-wand at one of Marc's fairy houses, and suddenly the fairy "returns home" and dozens of acorn lights glow. Daughter Adalie pauses before a greyed manzanita branch towering over a cauldron, explaining how her father discovered an old troll's lair. "Marc loves playing curator of his museum," says wife Tori. All who toured the museum at its debut during the Summerfield Waldorf Winter Faire agree we'd like to be sprinkled by a bit of Marc's fairy dust.

What is a Soiree?




Insider's Tour of a Local Artist's Studio.


Sono-Ma's November Soiree with Monica Ashley Designs

To see more of these high quality pictures of you and your friends, visit Mariah Smith Photography (client access code: Soiree). You can order your high resolution digital copies of these and other fabulous photos today for just $25 each. (Don't forget to hire Maria to capture your next memorable event!)

If you jumped in Hot Shot's Photo Booth, be sure to check out the collection of shots gathered behind the black curtain! Please go to and click on Private Photo Galleries. Then click on Sono-ma Studio Soirees / Monica Ashley. The password is

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Health Fair Sampler Saturday Feb 12th

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Monday, February 7, 2011

In Harmony will be delighting the public with the decadence of Mehndi
at the Health Fair Sampler at the Veterans Memorial Building
located next to Farmer’s Market.

Free Admission!
Experience 10-minute samples of a variety of
health modalities and products for $5 each – including:
Alchemical Medicine
Feng Shui
Meridian Tapping
Nikken Magnets
Aroma Therapy And more…
Bring a food donation for a free $20 gift certificate!
For more information visit their website:

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