Felted Sweater Purse

Posted by In Harmony Goddess Traditions at 11:35 PM

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This latest project is a purse requested by a bird loving (she has four!) friend. “I need something for margarita nights with the girls,” she said.

I journeyed down a different path for this little number and choose to start with a upcycled, felted, wool sweater. It seemed a much sturdier option than the needle felted pouch.

I also lined it with some colorful flannel so her keys would not get caught up in the threads of the sweater.

But before that, I needle felted the blue spiral then the bird right onto the sweater. Upon seeing photos of the finished project, she exclaimed, “That looks just like my Ivy!” her white cockatoo.
“Ivy” and the abalone button both sport Swarovski crystal beads. (Yes, I have an addiction to sparkles, especially if they are bumped up against something as rustic as wool.)

The blue spiral got a dose of sparkles at both ends. I love the way they subtley peek out!

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