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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I have been quite busy working on commissioned pieces lately and will give them all thier moment in the light in the days to come.....

I'd like to introduce to you 'Drop'. She is a handmade Waldorf inspired doll I made for my little Cleo's 2nd birthday.

Cleo has a love of all things wool especially Phelan's little "mommy-love" doll. Unfortunately, he loves his doll too and would not share it with her. So, I decided it was time for Cleo to have a "mommy-love" doll of her own.

Drop (yes, Cleo named her all by herself) and friend are crafted from recycled wool sweaters and cotton ‘skin’. They are stuffed with wool and are approximately 10” tall. Phelan’s doll (he won’t name him) has wool yarn for hair and Drop has locks of angora goat (acquired from the angora goat ‘Max’ at Singing Frog’s Farm.) Good friend Holly White-Wolf of Sono-Ma dyed the wool with lichen to give it that perfect blonde color.

Being a girly-girl drop receives a glass bead flower and leaves in her hair as well as a butterfly for my buggy-loving girl.

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