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Sunday, September 19, 2010

"A mythical Greek goddess whose name meant harmony and balance, Cosmeos gave to mortals the gift of herbs, flowers, and other simple pleasures to nourish the body and soul. She personified radiant health that flowed from a core of harmony and balance. Cosmeos never sought to mask what she was or how she looked; rather, she fed her inner fire with the eternal gifts of the earth. Her beauty was abundant as the flowers growing wild on the hillside and as powerful as the granite bones of the mountain.
The modern word cosmetic stems from the Greek word kosmeticos, meaning "skilled in adornment." This is precisely what Cosmeos was all about; it was never her intent to cover up; she used her creations to revel in who she was. She is one of my favorite goddesses. I envision her as a wild woodland creature running free through the forests with her sister herbalist Artemis, whose name also has been immortalized in the name of a plant.
Cosmeos, though much misunderstood in the modern-day world of beauty, still yearns to flower in each of us. Her life force is in the rare and unique beauty that resides in the heart, that inner sparkle of the eyes and the radiant glow of the skin. Her teachings are not about what makeup to paint your face with or how to arch the curve of the eyebrow but are, instead, lessons rich with the lore of plants, of health and playfulness."

~Rosemary Gladstar, Family Herbal

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Felted Sweater Purse

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

This latest project is a purse requested by a bird loving (she has four!) friend. “I need something for margarita nights with the girls,” she said.

I journeyed down a different path for this little number and choose to start with a upcycled, felted, wool sweater. It seemed a much sturdier option than the needle felted pouch.

I also lined it with some colorful flannel so her keys would not get caught up in the threads of the sweater.

But before that, I needle felted the blue spiral then the bird right onto the sweater. Upon seeing photos of the finished project, she exclaimed, “That looks just like my Ivy!” her white cockatoo.
“Ivy” and the abalone button both sport Swarovski crystal beads. (Yes, I have an addiction to sparkles, especially if they are bumped up against something as rustic as wool.)

The blue spiral got a dose of sparkles at both ends. I love the way they subtley peek out!

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Cat's Felted Pouch

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Friday, September 10, 2010

This is a commissioned tarot card pouch. The lovely lady who requested this item said she loved green, the number three, crows, and oak trees and then she let my creativity run wild with it! There are three crows and each cluster of oak leaves has three leaves.

I needle felted each panel individually, then stitched it all together with wool yarn.

I used seed beads and a few Swarovski crystal beads for accenting a green swirl, the button and crow.

My favorite part is the ‘button’. I was looking for something to use as a closure… bone, button, acorn, stick….. when I came across this shell I recently collected at my favorite beach. It has a natural hole in it that made it a perfect button! I beaded a few beads into the hole creating a nest-like visual.

On the back, a crow flies off with a sparkly treasure to tuck into his nest.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I have been quite busy working on commissioned pieces lately and will give them all thier moment in the light in the days to come.....

I'd like to introduce to you 'Drop'. She is a handmade Waldorf inspired doll I made for my little Cleo's 2nd birthday.

Cleo has a love of all things wool especially Phelan's little "mommy-love" doll. Unfortunately, he loves his doll too and would not share it with her. So, I decided it was time for Cleo to have a "mommy-love" doll of her own.

Drop (yes, Cleo named her all by herself) and friend are crafted from recycled wool sweaters and cotton ‘skin’. They are stuffed with wool and are approximately 10” tall. Phelan’s doll (he won’t name him) has wool yarn for hair and Drop has locks of angora goat (acquired from the angora goat ‘Max’ at Singing Frog’s Farm.) Good friend Holly White-Wolf of Sono-Ma dyed the wool with lichen to give it that perfect blonde color.

Being a girly-girl drop receives a glass bead flower and leaves in her hair as well as a butterfly for my buggy-loving girl.

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