Where do you find the Goddess?

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I see the Earth as the Great Mother.

She cares for us, feed us, shelters us… all we need we can find in Her. I consider myself a sacred survivalist. You have heard of survivalists before, usually with images of fortified self-sustained compounds, automatic weapons and years of food stashed. I present to you another kind of survivalist. One who lives in harmony with the natural world and gives back to nature just as she takes what is needed.
Primitive skills some call it.... but that is another story.
Walking in nature with as little as possible and relying on nature to provide what is needed…. Shelter, water, fire, food…. I can’t help but to see the earth as Mother and each of the necessities given or taken as a gift. A gift needed to live one more day.

Motherhood. (Wow! That one is a doozy!)

I have a memory of rocking my sick baby for the third night in a row. I had not had a shower in a few days, my shirt had boogies, spit up and drool on it, and as I sat there singing to my baby in the dark I had an “ah-ha” moment.
This is the Goddess’ sacred work too.
No pretty dress, no flowers or candlelight, no music, no drums, no crystals or fancy incense….. just me and my baby.
I am the Sacred Mother.

My children

My son opens an almond and says, “mommy, see the Goddess”. I had once explained to him that the Goddess is in everyone and everything. Now he points Her out to me every time he opens an almond.
I see the Goddess in their eyes…. so serious. I see Her in their hands as they explore new buggy friends.
I am humbled.

My mother the Sea Goddess

My mother was born and raised in the Phillipines and moved here to “the states” when she was 17. At the age of 60 she finally made it back. And what is one of the first things she does?? She climbs down a spiral staircase into a cave that the ocean waves are rushing in and out of. And then she proceeds to swim out into the frothing sea.

Gleefully giggling the whole time! It’s clear to me that in the sea she is home. No wonder she is such a miracle worker when teaching children to swim!

And this isn’t the only such adventure in her visit to the PI. I think half the pics my dad took were of her swimming here and there! Who’d a thunk it? My sweet little mamasita is an Ocean Diva! How impressed and proud I am of her.

My spirit sisters
My closest circle of friends, my inspiration. They, who, as I see them as goddess, they see the same in me. My soul is filled from their cups.

Happy Mother's Day!!! Thou art Goddess!!!

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Elizabeth said...

I love it! I see Her everywhere and in everything as well. :)

Jo-alle said...

your words and thoughts are lovely. I see the Goddess in you my sweet friend. :)