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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Oakland woman by the name of Beth Terry is documenting her quest to go plastic free on her blog, Fake Plastic Fish. I am very inspired to have found this blog! Like most of us, I am also trying to reduce the amount of plastic that is used in our household. I've toted my own water bottle and cloth grocery bags for a while now and recently started making cloth snack bags and my own produce bags.

(Two snack bags, sandwich bag, tote and napkin.)

(produce/bulk bin bags with simple tie)

These are very simple and easily made by whatever scrap fabric that happens to be around, though 100% cotton, hemp, bamboo, linen and other natural fabric ensures the plastic free-ness of the bag. (Did you know that polyester and other synthetic fabrics are basically spun plastic? Sneaky plastic.)

My favorite part of her blog is the Plastic Free Living Guide. There one can find tips for leading a more plastic free life including glass drinking straws by Glass Dharma. Anyone who has been to the zoo and bought a drink in a cup there has heard that straws are unsafe for the animals and here is simple way to still enjoy your sipping while keeping all the critters safe. (They are on my Christmas list for my kids!)

Beth has so many great ideas that it can be a little overwhelming when taken all at once, but I feel that if everyone did just a little bit, like reusable grocery bags and water bottles it would make such a difference. And once we are used to those changes, then we can add others, such as carrying our own containers and utensils for eating out, or a stainless steel coffee cup for those trips to your local barista.

"we are using a permanent material to make disposable items"

(found this quote when I was looking for info on the Pacific garbage patch a few months ago and now can't find it again. If anyone knows where it came from, I would love to give credit.)

Book your party today, and "come together, connect, and celebrate" with those you love!


Chelsea Woolf said...

Thanks so much for sharing this great info! My daughter had a terrible addiction to drinking straws -- one that I couldn't get daddy to stop enabling! When I read this post, I clicked right over to Glass Dharma. Daughter is now the proud owner of a beautifully crafted glass drinking straw with a lifetime guarantee. Much gratitude to you and Glass Dharma!