Goddess Moments

Posted by In Harmony Goddess Traditions at 10:21 PM

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How do you pamper yourself and remind yourself of your sacred feminine in the midst of a mundane day?

I am home with my two small children (four and 22mos) on a daily basis. I'm usually going in three directions at once and often do not take enough time for myself to feel human much less divine. It's part of the role I have chosen and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

But some days...

some moments...

I remember.

Sometimes I light some exquisite incense or scented candle that I have horded and treasured for years. The scent often lingers in pockets of the house to surprise me out of my mundane moments during the day.

Lately, I've taken to 'practicing' henna at odd times of the day. There is something so sensual about henna.... the scent.... the coolness as it rests upon my skin.... the images of exotic places it brings to mind..... and of course, the visual reminder that I am more than just a mommy with too much laundry.

I am blessed with many beautiful rose bushes here and enjoying their scent, color and texture also takes me on a little journey into the divine. I almost always have a small vase of roses on the kitchen table or in the sink windowsill.

And of course, there are those 'zen' moments of blissful peace that happen when small children are around. Those moments of big brother helping and being super sweet to little sister that always bring me to the Goddess.


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