Goddess Moments

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How do you pamper yourself and remind yourself of your sacred feminine in the midst of a mundane day?

I am home with my two small children (four and 22mos) on a daily basis. I'm usually going in three directions at once and often do not take enough time for myself to feel human much less divine. It's part of the role I have chosen and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

But some days...

some moments...

I remember.

Sometimes I light some exquisite incense or scented candle that I have horded and treasured for years. The scent often lingers in pockets of the house to surprise me out of my mundane moments during the day.

Lately, I've taken to 'practicing' henna at odd times of the day. There is something so sensual about henna.... the scent.... the coolness as it rests upon my skin.... the images of exotic places it brings to mind..... and of course, the visual reminder that I am more than just a mommy with too much laundry.

I am blessed with many beautiful rose bushes here and enjoying their scent, color and texture also takes me on a little journey into the divine. I almost always have a small vase of roses on the kitchen table or in the sink windowsill.

And of course, there are those 'zen' moments of blissful peace that happen when small children are around. Those moments of big brother helping and being super sweet to little sister that always bring me to the Goddess.


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Reusable lunch sets!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One of the things we hope to do here at In Harmony is to provide a place for our crafts to be shared with other people.

On our 'Boutique' page you can find a small sampling of items crafted by Jo-alle and Minnow that you can purchase by contacting us, at a party or at an event such as Earth Day Napa.

These are my newest creations. I made them for my friend's two children. They are lunch sets: Sandwich bag, two snack bags, napkin and tote. The bags have a velcro closure to mimic a ziplock bag.

Butterflies, dragonflies and glitter for a girly-girl.

More buggy-bugs and spiders for the boy.

I came up with these while looking for an alternative to those little plastic zip locks that we inevitably take with us everywhere. I tried using reusable containers, but they were bulky, they are still made of plastic (I feel there is enough plastic in the ocean already and wanted something a little more eco-friendly.) and I kept loosing those little lids.

Then... I needed a birthday gift for a (different) friend's child and added the tote to keep it all organized and a napkin, 'cause, well... kids need napkins.

Happy May to you all and may the sunshine warm your heart!!


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Where do you see the Goddess?

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Where do you see the Goddess?

The first time I saw the Goddess must have been the day I was born, looking into my mother’s eyes, being held in her arms. A soft kiss placed upon my cheek.
I might not have a vivid memory of that moment; it is just something I feel in my heart.

As I grew I saw the Goddess in my friends. The ones I shared secrets and stories with. The ones that held me when I cried or laughed at my jokes.

I saw the Goddess in my teachers; such patience, creativity and enthusiasm.

When I was in my teens, I started to see the Goddess not only in the women that I knew, but in nature herself. She is the roses that I would smell or pick. She is the warm sun that I can feel on my face in the summer time. She is the falling leaves in the autumn. She is the cold rain and the winter wind. She is.

Now, I experience her daily in so many ways… the birth of my daughter, she is pure joy and beauty, giving me gifts of wisdom daily. Lessons in learning, loving and laughing.

My friends. Sweet, sweet friends. Caring, loving, strong, independent, caretakers, lovers, dancers, holders of secrets and tears, mothers, daughters and sisters.

She is.


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Happy Mother's Day!!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's day to all the Mammas out there!!

It doesn't matter if your 'children' are human, hoofed, pawed, or even older than you. There are many ways of being the Mother and this day I hope all of you have a few moments of appreciating your selves and what you do for those around you.

Ancient Mother I hear you calling
Ancient Mother I hear your voice
Ancient Mother I hear your laughter
Ancient Mother I taste your tears.

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Where do you find the Goddess?

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I see the Earth as the Great Mother.

She cares for us, feed us, shelters us… all we need we can find in Her. I consider myself a sacred survivalist. You have heard of survivalists before, usually with images of fortified self-sustained compounds, automatic weapons and years of food stashed. I present to you another kind of survivalist. One who lives in harmony with the natural world and gives back to nature just as she takes what is needed.
Primitive skills some call it.... but that is another story.
Walking in nature with as little as possible and relying on nature to provide what is needed…. Shelter, water, fire, food…. I can’t help but to see the earth as Mother and each of the necessities given or taken as a gift. A gift needed to live one more day.

Motherhood. (Wow! That one is a doozy!)

I have a memory of rocking my sick baby for the third night in a row. I had not had a shower in a few days, my shirt had boogies, spit up and drool on it, and as I sat there singing to my baby in the dark I had an “ah-ha” moment.
This is the Goddess’ sacred work too.
No pretty dress, no flowers or candlelight, no music, no drums, no crystals or fancy incense….. just me and my baby.
I am the Sacred Mother.

My children

My son opens an almond and says, “mommy, see the Goddess”. I had once explained to him that the Goddess is in everyone and everything. Now he points Her out to me every time he opens an almond.
I see the Goddess in their eyes…. so serious. I see Her in their hands as they explore new buggy friends.
I am humbled.

My mother the Sea Goddess

My mother was born and raised in the Phillipines and moved here to “the states” when she was 17. At the age of 60 she finally made it back. And what is one of the first things she does?? She climbs down a spiral staircase into a cave that the ocean waves are rushing in and out of. And then she proceeds to swim out into the frothing sea.

Gleefully giggling the whole time! It’s clear to me that in the sea she is home. No wonder she is such a miracle worker when teaching children to swim!

And this isn’t the only such adventure in her visit to the PI. I think half the pics my dad took were of her swimming here and there! Who’d a thunk it? My sweet little mamasita is an Ocean Diva! How impressed and proud I am of her.

My spirit sisters
My closest circle of friends, my inspiration. They, who, as I see them as goddess, they see the same in me. My soul is filled from their cups.

Happy Mother's Day!!! Thou art Goddess!!!

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