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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Welcome to In Harmony Goddess Traditions!

We are a new venture of sister spirits called together to share the gift of soulful communion and sacred play with other women. Last night, nestled in the rolling hills of Napa, we did just that.

As the sun went down, our sacred space came to life with candles, crystals, flowers, soft fabrics, soft music and goddess images creating a safe and nurturing place for us to engage each other in a positive celebration of being women.

Guests partaked in the age old custom of adorning themselvevs and each other. We offer colorful sarongs to drape about ones body and a crown of silk flowers to enhance the inner and outer beauty of each woman.
.....and a bit of glitter, 'cause, well... it's glitter!! and glitter needs no excuse.

The scents of roses and other herbs from the bath salts we made filled the air....
We each stirred our previously pulled affirmations into the salt....
"I am right where I am supposed to be."
That is what mine said.
"I am surrounded by loving caring people in my life"
Said another.
Six more affirmations, six more intentions stirred into the mixtures of salt, herbs, seaweed, and essential oils. (I can't wait to take a bath with those salts!)

Hands were massaged with oils scented with rose and vanilla, and then decorated with henna.

There was laughter and quiet moments, singing, drumming and really great food.

Thank you for visiting our little corner of the web and please come back soon as we continue to update bits and pieces here and there.

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