Birth Blessing

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

What magical things can one do to prepare the heart and soul for the momentous occasion of birth? Why not pamper a pregnant mother with a "Birth Blessing Party", draw her focus to her growing child with henna body designs, or preserve her motherly curves with a belly cast?

Birth Blessing Party

"Goddess Throne"

Friends make a special chair for the expectant mother, giving her a sacred place of honor. The mother relaxes in her beautiful space, and allows friends to shower her with blessings.

Foot Bath and Spoken Word

As part of the blessing ritual, friends place ingredients into a healing foot bath. Tiny rosebuds, lavender oil, and raspberry leaves are just what this mommy needs to feel nourished. Her friends take turns washing and massaging her feet. As they touch the mother's feet, her firends offer verbal blessings. "May this birthing ceremony raise the strength of our friendships and sisterhood. Ask for help and your friends will come!"

Henna Art

Belly Cast

Allow us to bring these wonderful rituals and activities to you through an "In Harmony Goddess Tradition" event. Book your party today, and "come together, connect, and celebrate" with those you love!